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About Mayfair Orchard

Mayfair Orchards is a large agricultural project that covers an area of over 1350 Kanal. It is located on Kharala Road, which connects to Alexander Road. The project offers prime land that is perfect for farming purposes. It is conveniently situated just a 15-minute drive away from Islamabad. Whether you’re an experienced farmer or new to agriculture, Mayfair Orchards provides a great opportunity to cultivate crops in a fertile and well-connected area. With its spacious land and accessible location, Mayfair Orchards is an excellent choice for anyone interested in agricultural ventures.

Promoting Agricultural Tourism In Pakistan

Mayfair Orchards, led by Ehtsham Malik and Co, is introducing an exciting new concept in Pakistan: agricultural tourism. It’s the first time that people can invest in farming through 2-kanal and 4-kanal farmhouses. At Mayfair Orchards, you can enjoy the beauty of nature and experience the joy of farming. You’ll get to learn about farming and grow your crops. It’s a great opportunity to escape the busy city life and reconnect with nature while supporting the agricultural sector in Pakistan. Come and visit Mayfair Orchards for a unique and amazing agricultural tourism experience.

Benefits Of Investing In Agriculture

Investing in agriculture brings several benefits, making it an attractive option for individuals. Here are some key advantages to consider:

  •  Hedge against inflation: Agriculture investments have the potential to provide a hedge against inflation, as food prices tend to rise with inflationary pressures.
  • Tax exemptions: Agriculture investments often enjoy exemptions from various taxes, which can contribute to higher returns on investment.
  • Self-sustainability: Agriculture allows for self-sustainability as investors can grow crops and produce food, reducing reliance on external sources.
  • Low risk: Compared to other investment options, agriculture is considered to have lower risks, as food remains a basic necessity regardless of economic conditions.
  • Long-term financial stability:  Investing in agriculture can offer long-term financial stability, especially as the demand for food increases over time.
  • Government subsidies: Many governments provide subsidies and support to the agricultural sector, which can further enhance the profitability of agricultural investments.
  •  Increasing food demand: With the growing global population, the demand for food is consistently increasing, making agriculture a potentially lucrative investment opportunity.
  • Independence from country circumstances: Agricultural investments are less affected by a country’s specific circumstances, as food demand remains constant regardless of political or economic factors.
  • Boosting exports: Strong agricultural industries can contribute to increased exports for a country, providing additional economic benefits.

Investing in agriculture provides a range of advantages, including protection against inflation, tax exemptions, self-sustainability, low risk, long-term stability, government support, increasing food demand, independence from country circumstances, and potential export growth. These factors make agriculture appealing to investors seeking reliable and profitable opportunities.

Lemon Orchard 2 Kanal Farm House

Mayfair Orchards is offering a wonderful Lemon Orchard 2 kanal Farmhouse option. With this farm, you can grow lemon trees right in your backyard. The company will provide the necessary plants for the plantation. The total price for this farm is 8,000,000 PKR, and all development charges are included with no hidden fees. It’s a great chance to have your lemon orchard without additional costs. Growing fresh lemons and enjoying the benefits of owning a Lemon Orchard 2 Kanal Farmhouse at Mayfair Orchards.

Installment Plan

  • Down Payment 20% (1600,000)
  • On confirmation 10% (800,000) 
  • 14 Quarterly installments (1,42,857)
  • 42 Monthly installments (47,619)
  • On Transfer 20% (1600,000)

Orange Orchard 4 kKanal Farm House

Mayfair Orchards presents the Orange Orchard 4 kanal FarmHouse, where you can exclusively grow orange trees. The company will provide all the necessary plantations for you. The total price for this farmhouse is 16,000,000 PKR, including all the development charges with no hidden fees. It’s a wonderful opportunity to have your farmhouse and enjoy cultivating delicious oranges. Mayfair Orchards ensures a transparent and hassle-free experience for your agricultural venture.

Installment Plan

  • Down Payment 20% (3200,000)
  • On confirmation 10% (1600,000) 
  • 14 Quarterly installments (2,85,714)
  • 42 Monthly installments (95,238)
  • On Transfer 20% (3200,000)


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Terms and Conditions

  • Above prices are exclusive of taxes and government duties.
  •  The Installments are required to deposit by the 1st of each month.
  • Membership Fee Rs 25,000/-
  • Payments should be made through PO/DD/Cross Cheque in favour of “Mayfair Orchards Khanpur.”

Prime Location Charges

Boulevard (10% extra)

Lake Facing (20% extra)

Park Facing(10% ex)tra

Forest Facing(10% extra)